You’re Not Crazy – It’s Your Mother

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You're Not Crazy - It's Your Mother

You're Not Crazy - It's Your Mother

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Revealing and Understanding

Of all the books I have read on the subject, I find yours the
most revealing and understanding.

Rhonda, Denver CO

This Book Freed Me

Thank you for writing such an amazing book! I love it! It freed me from a crazy mother and 4 dysfunctional brothers, and it was your writings that truly set me free from that family. 
I really appreciate the flea stuff too, it's so true!  
I've gone back to study and life is soooo different now 🙂

CW Australia

You've changed my life!

I really appreciate that you put all of this together. Since I read your book and all the accompaniments, I feel SO well-equipped to deal with these "issues" that I thought were all about me. I have issues, of course, but now I am in a much better understanding. And your words and findings have helped me cope in a way I can't express. Thank you, again, a million times. You have changed my outlook and essentially my life. Thank you!!!


Read it three times.

"I recently ordered your new book "You're Not Crazy- it's Your Mother" and I've read it cover to cover 3 times in less than a week. I want to thank you for writing it!"  

Christine from Victoria BC.

I already feel so much better.

"I would like to say a big thank you on on writing your book. Reading it has validated what I knew all along but never had the courage to say or do anything, so I just suffered instead. I have 4 brothers who never believed me and made me feel small.

Every line in your book jumped out and slapped me in the face and has given me the courage to write her a letter and go NC. I already feel so much better.

I have recommended the book to a dear friend who is in the same boat

Thanks again-Life Saver!!!"

Nadine Harrison UK x

My life jigsaw was completed by reading this book.

"This book was a life saver to me as it completely unravelled the extremely complex life of being the daughter of a narcissistic mother. The title said it all. Thank you Amazon for the recommendation. My life jigsaw was completed by reading this book.the cover says it all as does the illustration of a bird set free. Wow New Year new life!"

(Amazon review)

Post-its on nearly every page

Danu, I have read your book, I have post-its and comments marked on nearly every page! The thing I like most about the way you write is the way that when I am reading your book it feels like you are having a conversation with me.

I'll give you an example. I got to a point when reading your book that I started to panic and question myself, 'AM I NARCISSISTIC?!!! I turned the page (page 116) and it was like you were reading my mind. You wrote.. 'You probably won't be long on this journey before the horrific thought hits you - what if you are narcissistic?' Thank You for that!

(Forum member)

Changed My Life

I got it as soon as it came out. Changed my life Danu - thank you so much for sharing your life with us, in your book. I'm going to give it another read, since I've come a lot further since reading it in August. I'm sure I'll notice even more; it happens when you learn, live and than reread something.

(Forum Member)

Better Than Therapy

By the time I finished chapter 3, I was stunned by the feelings that were changing in me, already! I was in therapy for years and nothing helped, until I read this book!

(Forum member)

It Has Changed My Whole Outlook

I sat down to read it and it was so powerful reading MY experiences and for the first time in 38 years realising there was a name for what my mother was , there was a reason i was the way i was and there more importantly was a way to heal!

I have read thousands of self help book over the years and although many were life changing, i had never read about the main problem NM s.

I read and reread your book and it sits now in my dressing table drawer and serves me well , when i get the jitters or have a bad day i reread the truth and for me it has changed my whole outlook, yes i was abused appallingly in every way and yes Mothers do do this to their daughters and it wasn't me being difficult after all! .

Thankyou for taking the time and the love to write this book which i feel will help many millions of women and men ( my brother read it also ) come to terms with what has and is happening to them directly as a result of being a child of a NM. 

(Forum Member)

Your Writings Set Me Free

Thank you for writing such an amazing book! I love it! It freed me from a crazy mother and 4 dysfunctional brothers, I was the middle kid. I am almost 64 and it was your writings that truly set me free from that family. 
I really appreciate the flea stuff too, it's so true!  
I've gone back to study and life is soooo different now 🙂

(Email to me)

Your Book Is Godsent

I'm reading your book and just can't believe how someone I've never met can know absolutely everything about my life. Your book, your words are Godsent. Thank you times a million for sharing your story. It is proving to be very helpful for me. Thank you thank you!

AJ (again)

I Can't Believe How Accurate It Is

I wanted to let you know that I received your book in the mail today. I'm only to page 30, but I can't believe how accurate it is. I found myself getting dizzy reading it. It's almost like you've met my mom.

I really appreciate you for writing this book. I've realized a lot of things and I'm only a few chapters in. I'm seeing destructive things didn't even know she was doing. I feel like I've been trapped in a cult all of my life. I know this will probably dredge up more painful memories, but I'm looking forward to learning how to heal.

Thank you. Kayla

You Wrote My Life Story

"I stayed up last night until three in the morning reading Danu's book I weeped and laughed all the way through it I cant believe I found someone who has crawled in my brain and wrote my life story!"

Melanie, Christchurch, New Zealand

Also from Melanie, to me:

"I though ur book was so well written so loving and u seemed to be always aware to make sure no pressure or anything was put on our beliefs it was just so incredibly lovely to read"

I finally Understood

"When I read Danu's book, I laughed , I cried , I was sick but the clarity and liberating feeling it brought cannot be described in words, I finally understood. She WAS cruel, you felt abused because YOU was abused, you can move out of that house guilt free."

LB, England

Highlighted, Starred And Underlined

"I have highlighted, starred and underlined so many things already and I'm not even finished with the book yet . Bless you, bless you, bless you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. There truly are not enough words in the english language to express my gratitude."

Lorraine, North Carolina, USA


"I don't know how to thank you for being the first person to tell me I was right about my feelings, perceptions and experiences. [...] At least I  know now that she was wrong...I am not crazy or possessed by the devil as she would say. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the validation that I've been seeking for 35 years."

Kelsey Jones

Every page is MY life

"Hi Danu -

 I started reading your book, "You're Not Crazy....It's Your Mother" yesterday and am more than half way through!  It's like Kettle corn to me.....once I started eating (reading)it I had a difficult time stopping.

 I found that the more I read of your book, the more I knew my highlighter would run out of ink too fast.  Every page is MY life! You should sell the book in bright yellow to begin with!"


So Nice To Read

"Your book was so nice to read as if you were sitting next to me talking over a cup of coffee."

Christina, Tilburg, The Netherlands

So Nice To Read

"Omg. I have read your book cover to cover 4 times. What i can't figure out is how you got in our house Everything you describe is my mother, and went on in our house. Thanks for all the info. a few of my siblings are still in denial  but this book is helping them to accept it."

Elena Warnock

I ran out of post-it notes

"Your book arrived today, and I began putting post-it notes on the bits that applied to me. When I ran out of post-it notes, I realised that every single bit of the book applied to me."

AH, Kent, UK

For the first time I can SEE!

"Dear Danu,
I first want to thank you with all my heart for your book! I recently stumbled upon it, ordered it immediately & and almost finished. Despite years of counseling, I feel like I've lived in confused darkness and only now, someone has cut on the lights for me & for the first time I CAN SEE!"

M.L, Florida

You have given me freedom.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. I received your book on Friday and I have been crying and highlighting all weekend long. You have given me a freedom that I did not even realize I was missing."

Liz W., Charlotte NC


It's beside my bed

"your book is beside my bed and I use it every night to remind myself I am not alone and I can be strong for myself. Thank you so much, Danu,"

Lynne, Pittsburgh PA


Finding it was a miracle

"I consider it a miracle that I found your book to read! It has helped me immensely! Thank you!"


Sue, Michigan



I love it!!

I am so thankful my counselor told me about your book!!!! It has been so helpful to me so far!!! I haven't read the whole thing yet & have a hard time putting it down. I love it!!

I have more of the book highlighted than not cuz it's so fitting for my circumstances!!!! I told my counselor, "I think she knows my family!!" Thank you again for your book!!! It has been so helpful & healing!!!

Joan Wisconsin Rapids, WI.



Changed my life for the better

Your book completely changed my life for the better, finally made sense of years of heartache and turmoil with my mother that she had incorrectly blamed on me, the book gave me permission to release 40 years of guilty feelings that have caused so many problems in my life. Your book did all of those and more.

Jill Blackwell PhD


It has helped me so much.


"I bought your book and I spent most of the time laughing out loud (just because everything became clear). I could not believe how real this was and how right you have been. It's truly amazing. It has helped me so much"

Dee, UK 

Covid19 Special Offer

At this horrible time we're all under more stress than ever, and many of us are stuck with our narcissistic mothers.

And I know money might be tight too.

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