Your Recovery And Healing

Finding out the truth about your abusive narcissistic upbringing is only the first step. Your recovery and healing  from it is the second and arguably the more important.

I am convinced, and determined, that major recovery and healing is possible and do-able and within our reach.

I spent years looking for recovery resources – indeed, I was doing this long before I knew about Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I thought I needed fixing, because that’s what my narcissistic mother effectively told me. Now I know it’s recovery I need, not fixing (and the same applies to you too). But the principle is the same – it’s about getting over the old programming and living our best life.

I found terrific resources, and since setting up this website I have researched and reviewed still more recovery resources. And I have created some too, specifically to meet the needs of daughters of narcissistic mothers.

One of the most amazing resources I’ve found is that of EFT/Tapping. This easy-to-use technique is awesome for removing trauma and limiting beliefs. (You can find out more about EFT here and I do urge you to at least look into it and try it for yourself. )

Here is the list of the recovery resources I have created and curated.

The Life-Changing Book

Notes From Your Inner Mother

Emotional Freedom Technique

Healing and freedom literally at your fingertips.


The MEGA Resource Bundle

The DONM Guidebook To Healing And Thriving

Recommended Books