To The Unloved Daughter

To the Unloved Daughter:

Your mother did not love you as she should have, because of her narcisissm. 

This is not your fault, but it is your burden.

There is so much that you should have heard from your mother –advice, support, compliments, validation, encouragement and so much more.

These Notes From Your Inner Mother are your chance to ‘hear’ them all now. They are what a loving mother would say.

They’re what you need and deserve to hear.

They’re designed to read as if they’re from your own inner mother, the part of you who is your own wise mother to yourself. This wisdom and love is accessible to you through your quietness and attention, and these notes are from that place of healing and kindness.

This book is the print version of the e-book "Notes From Your Inner Mother."

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To The Unloved Daughter

This is what people are saying about these
Notes From Your Inner Mother:

"I read it every day"

"I read passages from your book everyday and my pages are turned down and marked in Orange, just like [You're Not Crazy]! "

Ellen, Louisville, Kentucky

"I've read it twice"

" I've read it twice now and it was so powerful - I loved it. "

Ellie, Bournemouth, UK

"More than I ever thought it would be"

" The book is even more than I ever thought it would be! I consider the “notes” to be daily affirmations and I pretend that a lovely, sweet woman (who I imagine is my mother) is saying these nice things to me! I have only read up to #20, but I will say: it feels so good to believe that someone could have said those things to me! Thank you SO much!! "


"Favorite pages marked!"

I love this book so much and I already have many favorite pages marked! I love it that each page has an affirmation! Thank you so much for such a comforting, sweet, thought provoking, and “feel- better” book!


"A caress to my soul"

"Reading it is like a soft loving caress to my soul. "

Susan, Bellingham

"I appreciate them more than words can say"

‘I read the notes every day and I appreciate them more than words can say. It has helped me to understand what a real healthy mother and daughter relationship should be.’ 

LC ,

"Food for the soul"

‘Your short notes have been food for the soul ….’

MT, Lisbon,  Portugal

"Food for the soul"

The note series has been uplifting and heartbreaking at the same time, but has led me to a better inner dialogue.

E.D. Oregon

"Daily Prayer"

Your notes are like my daily prayer. Each one for that day has a direction pertaining directly to me.

M.S. Arizona