The Freedom Bundle

This Bundle is designed to give you the mindset and peace you need to free yourself from your narcissistic mother's clutches and go No-Contact with her. This, as you're no doubt discovering, isn't as easy as it sounds when she has brainwashed you all your life, and EFT/Tapping is the solution to overcome that brainwashing.

(If you wish to remain in contact and manage the situation as best you can, then The Low-Contact Bundle is the one for you).

These are the videos you get. Click on each image in turn to find out more about it.

These eight MP4 videos are priced at only $68 which is a 50% discount over the full price of $136 it would cost to buy them individually, but the actual value - your freedom - is priceless.

There is also a full no-quibble 60 day money back guarantee so you can check them out thoroughly before deciding if  you want to keep them.

Downloadable MP4 - image for illustration purposes only.


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