The 5th Commandment: Coming To Honour Them From A Safe Distance


Downloadable MP4 - image for illustration purposes only.

If you are Christian you may well struggle with cutting off contact from your abuser mother or parents, because you feel it is wrong. You may feel that to cut off contact is not to honour them. In fact, it is appropriate to honour them from a safe distance*, and this video helps you get yourself comfortable with that fact.

*This information has come from Sister Renee of the excellent site, and from many pastors and priests who have informed members of the DONM forum of the same fact. Being a good Christian does not require you to accept abuse, and this video will help you realise that. 

This video is available for $17.00, but if you buy it as part of The No Contact Bundle then you get Erase Your Guilt At Going No-Contact or Low-Contact included for the same price, so that's obviously the option I recommend.

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