The Self-Love Bundle

Being raised by a narcissist means we were taught to dislike or even hate ourselves, rather than love ourselves as is our birthright.

We also witnessed our narcissistic mother’s toxic self-love and perhaps decided subconsciously to avoid self-love to avoid that toxicity.

But it’s good to have appropriate, healthy self-love and these EFT/Tapping scripts are designed to help us with that. Click on each video image to find out more about each one.

The scripts are 50% off buying them separately.
Payment is safe and secure with Stripe. And there is a full 60-day no-quibble money-back guarantee so you can try them out before deciding if you want to keep them.

What you get:

  • Full EFT/Tapping instructions in both video and PDF format
  • Follow-along script to help you erase the fear of your narcissistic mother, in either Video+PDF, or PDF depending on your purchase.

These resources are available to access online as often as you wish*, AND to download**.

 *The online access is intended to be forever, but just in case of unforseen cicumstances: e.g. the whole internet dies, we guarantee it officially for one year. But in practice your access will never be cancelled.

** The videos are very big and can be difficult to download to tablets and phones. Sometimes if you download them to PC or Mac first, they can be transferred. This difficulty with downloading is why we offer online access.

Virtual Products – image for illustration purposes only

Or, you can get these two videos as part of The Freedom Bundle.

The Freedom Bundle has eight videos:

~ Erase The Belief It’s Your Job To Fix Things
~ Erase The Belief It’s Your Job To Keep Her Happy
~ Erase The Grief And Bereavement Of Losing Your Family
~ Erase Your Guilt At Going No-Contact or Low-Contact
~ Erase The Fear Of Her That Keeps You Trapped
~ The 5th Commandment: Coming To Honour Them From A Safe Distance
~ Erase The Useless Hope She Will Change
~ Erase Trauma Bonding

Full information here

This video is also available as part of a seven-video Self-Esteem Bundle

These videos include:

~ Erase The Constant Fear Of Getting Into Trouble
~ Erase The Feeling Of Being Broken
~ Erase The False Belief That Self-Love Is Narcissistic
~ Coming To Experience Self-Love
~ Erase All The Toxic Shame Of Being You
~ Erase The Feeling Of Being Unworthy

Full information here