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I recommend that you download the files first onto a PC or Mac if possible, and then transfer them to other devices such as tablets or phones. This especially applies to Apple products – it is a limitation of Apple products rather than our service.

We can certainly help you if this isn’t possible. If you have any problems with your download  do contact me here.


To download your mobi files onto your kindle, or epub onto other readers such as iReaders, just connect your reader to your computer with a USB cable. You can then click-and-drag the file from your PC to your reader.


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With older operating systems such as XP or Vista you might have to right-click and click the ‘Extract All’ option

Refund Request

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Using The EFT Videos

Again I remind you that you take full responsibility for your experience with these videos. I think they are safe or I would not share them, but I do not know you or your circumstances. Do not use them if you are in crisis.

 When you do use them,  make yourself comfortable and try to make sure you won’t be disturbed for 15-20 minutes. It’s not a problem if you are interrupted (the EFT process is very flexible) but for your own sake it’s better to have the time.

Drink some water before starting, and have a glass of water to hand too.

Decide which issue you want to work on first if you got more than one video.

Decide how much the issue bothers you on a 0-10 scale where 0 is ‘I’m not bothered at all’ and 10 is ‘I’m as upset as I could possibly be about this.’

If it’s an issue about a belief you hold, then the 0-10 scale is about how true that belief is for you. 0 is ‘not at all true’ and 10 is ‘fully true’.

Write this number down. It’s important to write it rather than remember it because the thing about EFT is that once the upset is gone, or diminished, it is impossible to even recall how bad it had been and people often dismiss its success by saying, “Oh it wasn’t that bad to start with.” The written number is proof of exactly how bad it was beforehand.

Start following the video and tapping along with it. At the end of each video record what your score is now. I do recommend keeping going with the video until the score is 0. It’s tempting to stop when the score is only 2 or 3 as it still feels so much better, but why keep any stress or upset at all? This doesn’t have to be in the same session, just to return to that video until the score ends up as zero.

You might well find that you started with Video A because it was the most pressing issue but after a little while you find yourself thinking, “I was wrong, Video B is the worst one.” What has happened here is that Issue A has diminished enough so that Issue B is the worst one now, rather than you having been wrong.

By all means leave Issue/Video A for now and start on Video B. So many of these issues are inter-connected anyway, especially if you bought a bundle. Just be sure to come back to Video A in time, and keep track of your scoring.

If you get upset

The videos are designed to be as gentle as possible, but we’re still dealing with tough issues. And so it’s possible that you may become upset. This is okay. Even the strongest upset will not harm you, and it is so good that you are feeling and acknowledging the emotions. The essential thing if you do get upset is: don’t stop tapping! You can stop saying the script for sure, but keep tapping the points in order without needing to say anything. In this way you are processing and healing the emotion even as you’re experiencing it.

Try to keep tapping until you are fully calm which will take much less time than you expect. It is a strange experience until you are used to it, the way you can go from calm when you decide to work on a particular issue, to sobs and upset, to fully calm and peaceful, in such a short period of time.

If you are interrupted during an upset, it’s okay too, you just pull yourself together and carry on, same as you did every other time you suppressed emotions in order to function. So it’s not dangerous to do this – again, EFT is very robust and flexible. But it’s not ideal – emotions are to be expressed and processed and let go, not suppressed and buried. So do come back to tapping on that issue as soon as is practical.