Erase The Blocks To Setting Healthy Boundaries

Narcissists don’t like boundaries – they see them as an attack on them. How dare you tell her she can’t arrive whenever she likes? Or stay as long as she wants? Or indeed, how dare you put any limits on her at all?

Trying to put boundaries in place can set off narcissistic rage or tears or ‘victim mode’, or whatever her method of choice is. And that can limit your actions, make you give in.

This EFT/Tapping script will give you the mental and emotional strength to set, and then enforce, boundaries regardless of her reaction.

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What you get:

  • Full EFT/Tapping instructions in both video and PDF format
  • Follow-along script to help you erase the fear of your narcissistic mother, in either Video+PDF, or PDF depending on your purchase.
  • Upon purchase you will receive an email with the login URL, your username (which will be your email), and a password: so you get instant access. You can change the password too.

These resources are available to access online as often as you wish*, AND to download**.

 *The online access is intended to be forever, but just in case of unforseen cicumstances: e.g. the whole internet dies, we guarantee it officially for one year. But in practice your access will never be cancelled.

** The videos are very big and can be difficult to download to tablets and phones. Sometimes if you download them to PC or Mac first, they can be transferred. This difficulty with downloading is why we offer online access.

This script is also available as part of a five-script 50% discount Low-Contact Bundle.

These scripts include:
~ Erase The Blocks To Setting Healthy Boundaries
~ Erase Your Guilt At Going No-Contact Or Low-Contact
~ Erase The Fear Of Her That Keeps You Trapped
~ Erase The Belief It’s Your Job To Fix Things
~ Erase The Belief It’s Your Job To Fix Things

You can find full information here.

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