Erase The Belief You’ve Too Many Problems To Feel Joy And Happiness

There’s an interesting thing about happiness, and it’s that different people have what we might call happiness set points. Or automatic happiness levels. Studies have found that really good events (like winning the lottery) and really bad events (like becoming paralysed) do indeed increase and decrease our happiness levels respectively.

But here’s the thing – they do so only temporarily! Within a year of the event, the core happiness level was back to where it had been before the event happened. The lottery winner’s euphoria dropped to pre-lottery levels; the accident victim’s happiness level climbed to pre-accident levels.

And so it’s clear that the level of happiness we experience is much more a function of us than it is of external events. This can be quite challenging as it means the buck stops here.

But it’s quite liberating too as it turns out we can change our levels of core-happiness regardless of circumstances.

That is the premise of this video – to change your happiness set-point regardless of circumstances. This will not of course mean that you’ll stop seeking to improve your circumstances – and the video deals with that fear too, i.e.: “If I’m happy I’ll stop trying to improve my situation”.

Note: this video will not cure depression. It is designed more for a sense that happiness is conditional upon circumstances, rather than full-grown depression.

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