Erase All The Toxic Shame Of Being You

As daughters of narcissistic mothers, we carry toxic shame: shame about who we are to our core. This toxic shame is a constant companion for those of us who were consistently emotionally abused.

We end up being deeply ashamed of who we are, to the very core of our very Being.

Normal healthy shame keeps us honest and allows us to correct our behaviour when we do something wrong.

But as toxic shame is about who we are, how can we possibly fix that? We cannot, and that’s why it is so bad for us. Toxic, literally.

This toxic shame colours our perception of ourselves, of our lives, and affects how we show up in the world. I suspect it also colours others’ perceptions of us, as they subliminally pick up on what we feel about ourselves, and therefore impacts on their reactions to us.

Toxic shame is a huge burden and a heavy burden, and this EFT script is designed to let us put down that burden for once and for all. To release that toxic shame completely and forever. It was never ours to begin with.

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What you get:

  • Full EFT/Tapping instructions in both video and PDF format
  • Follow-along script to help you erase the fear of your narcissistic mother, in either Video+PDF, or PDF depending on your purchase.
  • Upon purchase you will receive an email with the login URL, your username (which will be your email), and a password: so you get instant access. You can change the password too.

These resources are available to access online as often as you wish*, AND to download**.

 *The online access is intended to be forever, but just in case of unforseen cicumstances: e.g. the whole internet dies, we guarantee it officially for one year. But in practice your access will never be cancelled.

** The videos are very big and can be difficult to download to tablets and phones. Sometimes if you download them to PC or Mac first, they can be transferred. This difficulty with downloading is why we offer online access.

This video is also available as part of a seven-video Self-Esteem Bundle

These videos include:

~ Erase The Constant Fear Of Getting Into Trouble
~ Erase The Feeling Of Being Broken
~ Erase The False Belief That Self-Love Is Narcissistic
~ Coming To Experience Self-Love
~ Erase All The Toxic Shame Of Being You
~ Erase The Feeling Of Being Unworthy
~ Erase The Feeling Of Having No Inner Authority

You can find full information here.

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