Coming To Believe You Deserve Good Things

Coming to believe you deserve good things is one of the biggest challenges for daughters of narcissistic mothers. This includes good things in life to come to you such as love, career, financial security. And also includes good things to happen to you such as fun and adventures.

It makes perfect sense, after all, because your narcissistic mother taught you all your life that you did not deserve anything good at all.

But this can, and will, handicap you going forward. This is because, without coming to believe you deserve good things, you will end up sabotaging yourself from getting them. Again it makes perfect sense: if you don’t deserve them then you clearly should not have them (or so the thought process goes.)

However, when you believe you deserve good things, then life becomes a lot easier as you get out of your own way.

You can buy this script alone, but if you instead get The Deserving Bundle then you get Erase The Belief It’s Narcissistic To Feel Deserving included for the same price, so that’s obviously the option I recommend.

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** The videos are very big and can be difficult to download to tablets and phones. Sometimes if you download them to PC or Mac first, they can be transferred. This difficulty with downloading is why we offer online access.

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