Thank you SO much for enrolling in the Boundaries Badass course. You’re going to find it to be empowering and liberating. By doing this course you’ll get to be the boss of you, as it should be.

We’ll meet online via Google Meet. The link for each session is the same: – so please keep that link safe. I’ll be sending you an email with this information too (so be sure to subscribe in the box below to get this and other relevant emails) , so you’ll have the link there also.

To use Google Meet, simply click that link from a browser. If you’re using a device (phone or tablet) you’ll need to download the Google Meet app first. It’s available for both Apple and Android.

The course is designed to be relaxed and interactive, so ideally make sure your mic and camera are working so you can fully participate.

The course dates/times are:

Thursday 30th March

Thursday 6th April

Thursday 13th April

Thursday 20th April

from 18.30 (6.30pm) to appx 20.30-21.00 (8.30-9.00 pm) UK/GMT time zone. You can check that in your own time zone here.

Course Rules

  • Please try to be prompt at the session time.
  • Please keep confidentiality regarding any stories/information any participant shares.
  • And we ask that you be brief/succinct in stories you share, in the interests of time-efficiency.

I very much look forward to exploring the world of Boundaries Badassery with you!

Hugs, Danu

p.s. make sure to subscribe to the mailing list, below!!