The Thrive Bundle

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Here is a list of all you get:

“You’re Not Crazy – It’s Your Mother”

"You're Not Crazy"

The best-selling, life-changing book.
“A comforting truth bomb”

Cost To Buy Separately: $6.99

“Dear Daughter of a Narcissistic Mother”

dear daughter of a narcissistic mother

"Dear Daughter ..."

100 letters to help you heal and thrive

Cost To Buy Separately: $6.99

“You’re Not Crazy” Audio Book

dear daughter of a narcissistic mother

Professionally recorded by me, Danu, in my soft Irish accent, this is the audio version of the life-changing book You’re Not Crazy.

Cost To Buy Separately: $9.99

Notes From Your Inner Mother

To The Unloved Daughter

These notes are what a loving mother would say to you, her daughter. They’re what you need and deserve to hear.

Notes to inspire and encourage and support.

Cost To Buy Separately: $4.99

Meditation To Meet Your Inner Mother

This 20-minute audio brings you on a peaceful and powerful guided meditation to meet to meet the part of you that is your real, true, loving, nurturing mother, the mother you always deserved and still need: your inner mother.

MP3 and written script.

Cost To Buy Separately: $9.99

DONM website content

To The Unloved Daughter

Contents of this DONM website

The contents of the DONM website so you can read it offline on your reader, at your convenience.

Not Available To Buy But Worth At Least $9.99

Erasing Our Deepest Fear

This EFT/Tapping Script is based on Marianne Williamson’s famous text from her book “A Return To Love”. (Shared with her permission) It is to help give us to courage to play big, to let our lights shine. This is essential for DONMs who were always taught to be small.

MP4 and written script.

Not For Sale Separately But Would Be $17.00

Make Your Brain Work For You

Make Your Brain Work For You

Everyone’s brain plays tricks on them. It’s the human condition. 
And how much more does that apply to DONMs like us, who were deliberately and systematically taught to deny and invalidate our own perceptions and reality.
This brief but powerful report will help you to make your brain work for you, rather than against you.

Not Available To Buy But Worth At Least $6.99

11 EFT Ideas For The Rest Of Your Life

11 EFT Ideas For The Rest Of Your Life

Once you have  learned EFT/Tapping, you can use it for far more than solving your DONM problems. You can use it in every aspect of your life, and here I share 11 ways to incorporate it to make your life better in every way.

Not Available To Buy But Worth At Least $6.99

Seven Words To Change Your Life

11 EFT Ideas For The Rest Of Your Life

Using the power of EFT/Tapping, I share a powerful 7-word affirmation so you can erase the toxic image of yourself that your narcissistic mother gave you.

Not Available To Buy But Worth At Least $6.99

Erase The Fear Of Her That Keeps You Trapped

As daughters of narcissistic mothers we were raised to be scared of our mothers, and even as adults we can still have that fear reaction.

This script is designed to erase that fear, to calm your body and to end up that you see her as the pathetic bully she really is, and know your own strength.

Absolute Warning: This video ONLY applies if she’s not violent or physically dangerous. If she is, then you need to do practical things to keep yourself safe. The video is only for situations where she is ‘merely’ emotionally and psychologically abusive – but you are terrified of that happening.

Cost To Buy Separately: $17.00

Erase Your Self-Care Deficit

As a DONM, it we learned we were not worth being looked after, and we can carry that belief into the rest of our lives. This can cause us to neglect our own own self-care, or if we force ourself to do it, it is such a mountain to climb.

This script is designed to teach ourselves that we are worth caring for.

Cost To Buy Separately: $17.00

Erase Your Guilt At Going No-Contact Or Low-Contact

Guilt is one of the biggest blocks to us cutting off contact with our narcissistic mothers. It makes us feel bad for considering that option.

In fact, it is never wrong to cut off contact with an abuser, and this video is to help you know this at a core level, so you can make the right decisions for you in full peace and serenity.

Cost To Buy Separately: $17.00

Erase The Belief It’s Your Job To Keep Her Happy

One of the biggest lies our narcissistic mother tells us is that we are responsible for keeping her happy, no matter the personal cost to us. This lie becomes our belief, and it traps us. Freedom comes from allowing her to be unhappy.

This script is designed to bring you to a place where you can know that it is okay to meet your own needs even if she doesn’t like it.

Cost To Buy Separately: $17.00

Erase All Your Toxic Shame

Yet another abuse of the narcissistic mother is to teach us from the moments of our birth that we are broken, that we are shameful. And we internalise and carry that shame into our whole lives, until we teach ourselves differently.

This script is designed to erase that inappropraiate shame, and to come to being peaceful about who we are.

Cost To Buy Separately: $17.00

Erase The Useless Hope She Will Change

As DONMs we cling to the hope that our mother will change, that she will come to love us, that if we just try hard enough we will win her approval. We might know at some level that this will never happen, but the hope still remains. This hop, and freedom comes from letting the useless hope go.

This script is designed to help us let go of the useless hope and give us the freedome of accepting reality.

Cost To Buy Separately: $17.00

Erase The Belief It’s Your Job To Fix things

Along with teaching us that we need her happy, our narcissistic mother possibly also teaches us that we have to fix all her life’s problems for her. This is also a lie, and to live our best lives we need to let go of this toxic obligation.

This script is designed to do let go of this belief, so we can concentrate on our own lives and responsibilities.

Cost To Buy Separately: $17.00

Erase The Hurt She Dropped You So Easily

If your narcissistic mother just shrugs and lets you go (if you go No Contact, or after a row), that can hurt so much. It’s proof that she never loved you. And even though you knew that at some level, it really really hurts.

What you need is to process the hurt so you can move on with your life and your freedom. This script is designed to help you do that.

Cost To Buy Separately: $17.00

The Full Bundle:

Erasing Your Deepest Fear

Total value: $ 229.91