Inner Mother Guided Meditation

This 20-minute audio brings you on a peaceful and powerful guided meditation to meet to meet the part of you that is your real, true, loving, nurturing mother, the mother you always deserved and still need: your inner mother.

You’ve heard of your inner child, right? Well you have an inner mother too, and this one is kind and nurturing and wise and she loves you. She is waiting for you in your subconscious, and this meditation will bring you on the journey to  meet her.

Recorded by me, Danu, in my soft Irish accent, this audio is calming and relaxing; and meeting your inner mother feels so loving and wonderful. You can use this audio over and over again to meet your inner mother whenever you would like to as she is always there for you.

Your inner mother is part of you of course. You are both the speaker and listener. But it’s surprisingly powerful for all that, and you will feel yourself loved and nurtured just as you wanted from your narcissistic mother.

Your inner mother can be the wiser part of you too, giving you clarity and advice when you request it.

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Meditation To Meet Your Inner Mother

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