If EFT Doesn’t Work

As you’re tapping and following the video or the script, you should find that your score is decreasing. It could happen quickly, or slowly, but it should happen. But sometimes, it just doesn’t shift at all.

Here are some causes of why the EFT doesn’t work, and the cure. Try these in the order presented.


If you’re dehydrated it can stop EFT working. Drink a good glass of water, and try again. You may well find that the EFT starts working really well once you’ve done that. If not, go onto the next step, below.


When you’re following the videos or reading out the script, don’t just recite the text. Say it with meaning, speak it loudly – even shout it, if that’s possible without annoying others. There is something very freeing and powerful about shouting or speaking loudly about your issues, and it adds to the power of EFT. And emphasise the power words. So instead of just saying, “I do deserve to heal”, for example, stress the word ‘do’: “I do deserve to heal”.


If you’re not concentrating on the tapping, it doesn’t work as well. Try to think about what you’re saying rather than just repeating it by rote. And make sure you have no other distractions, so don’t do it while you’re watching television or playing computer games or any other distraction.

Walking while you tap

Try walking around while you tap. I do this a lot myself and find it very powerful.

Try The 9-Gamut

This strange-sounding routine is great for shifting things when they get stuck and won’t move. Looks funny, feels silly to do, really works: