Erase The Hurt She Dropped You So Easily


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Depending on how your mother's abuse manifests, she might well not even notice, it seems like, if you go No Contact. This can be a blessing, especially if you consider the stalking attempts of enmeshed mothers. As it is, if you have an ignoring mother, you can easily and simply go No Contact, and just carry on with the rest of your life.
Great, right?
Except, no.
It hurts to be dropped so easily. No matter how much you knew rationally that she didn't care for you, to have it proven so strongly just plain hurts, doesn't it?
This video is designed to erase that hurt, to allow you to process it quickly an easily and then let it go, so you can move on with your life in peace and serenity. 

How long would it take you in counselling to get to this point? How much would that cost you? Hundreds, no doubt. This MP4, which you can use as many times as you need, is only $17.00.

There's also a no-quibble 60 day money-back guarantee so you can try it out completely risk-free before deciding if you'll keep it.

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