Erase The Feeling Of Never Belonging


Downloadable MP4 - image for illustration purposes only.

It makes sense the we feel we don't belong in the word. We never felt we belonged in our own families-of-origin. How could we feel we belong anywhere? We carry that feeling of isolation and separateness with us everywhere. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy, too, as others pick up on it.
This video is designed to reprogramme our brain's thought patterns, and hence our feelings, so that we feel a greater sense of belonging. That will make it easier for us to create the situation of belonging in the real world.

Note that it doesn't directly change reality, nor does it attempt to influence or manipulate others. But it changes your beliefs and thoughts, and therefore changes your actions and your attitude, and that will impact in the real world. 

How long would it take you in counselling to get to this point? How much would that cost you? Hundreds, no doubt. This MP4, which you can use as many times as you need, is only $17.00.

There's also a no-quibble 60 day money-back guarantee so you can try it out completely risk-free before deciding if you'll keep it.

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