Erase The Fear Of Being Wrong


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This might sound like a strange issue to deal with. Why would anyone want to erase the fear of being wrong? Why would you want to tap on being comfortable with that?
There are a couple of reasons. One is that, as a flawed human being, being wrong is a reasonably frequent state of affairs, and the more you can be comfortable with it the better. Not to seek being wrong, not to wallow in being wrong, but not to be devastated by it either. The more comfortable you are being wrong, the easier it is for you to try new things, difficult things, challenging things, and the more you will learn from those things, and therefore the more success you will experience.
But even more so, for those of us who were emotionally abused all our lives, and lied to about who we were, and taught that our perceptions were flawed and so on - well the fact of the matter is that we are wrong about so much. And that's the good news! It means we can be wrong about beliefs like:

  • I'm unloveable.
  • I'm over-sensitive.
  • I'm crazy.
  • I'm not good enough,
  • and all the dozens of false beliefs our abuser gave us.

Now, the fact of human nature is that we don't like to be wrong, and so we can cling to those beliefs even though they a) are not true and  b) do not serve our highest good. And so, the more comfortable we are realising when we're wrong, and letting go of the wrong beliefs, the easier healing becomes for us.
And that is why this video is so important. 

How long would it take you in counselling to get to this point? How much would that cost you? Hundreds, no doubt. This MP4, which you can use as many times as you need, is only $17.00.

There's also a no-quibble 60 day money-back guarantee so you can try it out completely risk-free before deciding if you'll keep it.