Erase The Belief Self-Love Is Narcissistic


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One of the challenges of coming to love yourself could be a deep-down belief that self-love is narcissistic. This makes sense as our experience of self-love was manifested in a very narcissistic way in the form of our narcissistic parent.

But this belief can block us. Many of us can sabotage our own self-love in the understandable desire not to be narcissistic. But healthy self-love is not narcissistic, and that video helps you know that at a very deep level, so that you will be free to love yourself as you deserve.

This video is available for $17.00, but if you buy it as part of The Self-Love Bundle then you get Coming To Experience Self-Love included for the same price, so that's obviously the option I recommend.

Also, it is available as part of the five-video Self-Esteem Bundle.

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