Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, also known as Tapping) – which is simply tapping on acupuncture points – is a major tool for quickly and easily healing all the pain of being the Daughter of a Narcissistic Mother.

It literally erases negative emotions and limiting beliefs, more quickly, easily, and gently than you ever thought possible.

Emotional Freedom Technique proved outstanding at doing two things, and doing them quickly and painlessly:

  • Totally removing negative emotions such as fear, anger and so on. Literally, those feelings were gone, to be replaced by peace and calm.
  • Removing mental blocks or limiting beliefs and replacing them with more empowering beliefs. In other words, literally re-programming our subconscious so that it works for us, rather than against us.

These two attributes turned out to have hundreds, if not thousands, of uses. Emotional Freedom Technique quickly became the technique of choice to solve all sorts of problems from phobias to traumas to addictions to overweight to headaches to allergies and many others.

And now Emotional Freedom Technique is used to help daughters of narcissistic mothers change the tapes their mother programmed them with, and recover their authentic selves and create their best lives.

Emotional Freedom Technique really is the cutting-edge of recovery and healing. I use it regularly and recommend it wholeheartedly.

Find out how to do it for yourself, here.


Check out the EFT FAQ here.


I believe Emotional Freedom Technique to be fully safe or I would not share it. Having said that, I don't know you or your level of mental equilibrium so you need to take  full responsibility for your experience of it. Read the full Disclaimer here.

Emotional Freedom Technique:

How To Do Emotional Freedom Technique

Here is some of the feedback I get from those who've used Emotional Freedom Technique to heal their DONM issues. 

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Melting Anxiety

I tried some EFT tapping when I got back (thanks for the guidance on that one Danu) – it really helped me to quickly access my validating sense of Self. It blew me away to be honest at how effective it was. I’m still a tad gobsmacked as to how something so simple can be so effective! I literally felt my distress melt…

Forum Member RL

Eating Healthily!

Just checked my food diary and was amazed to see that I didn’t eat anything for 2 hours after tapping [The ‘Self-Harm’ video] – wow! And what I did eat was a cheese and tomato croissant followed 2 1/2 hours later by some mushroom soup. So I’m seeing results already! This is so awesome Danu, I’m so grateful to you for getting me back into EFT again.

Forum Member 'Not Guilty Anymore'

I was able to do my work despite my resistance.

As the results of my [business sabotage] became clear today, I had the urge to commit more neglect. I found myself reaching for the mouse to [waste time on the internet] and I checked a couple of news sites about four times. I decided if I was going to do something other than work than it would be EFT. So, I did the self-harm session and then the healing resistance video. While I still felt really disappointed, I got back to work.

Forum Member 'Christine'

The most productive day yet since doing the Tapping!

I think today was probably the most productive day since the beginning of EFT. I did the healing resistance first today and then the self-harm sessions. The huge difference is that [the fallout from her business neglect] would have been proof of my “incompetence” two weeks ago. Today it was “what can I do to mitigate the fallout.”

Forum Member 'Christine' - update

Measurable results after only 8 days Tapping!

Hi Danu,

I know…it’s too early for a success story since I only bought these downloads on 8 days ago. However, I still felt I wanted to speak to you.

I have practiced EFT for over seven years, TFT for four years and cognitive therapy for almost thirty. Both of my parents are card-carrying narcissists and I bore the brunt of this madness and my mother, especially, was diabolical. What I realized is that no one directly deals with the feelings that any child of a narcissist has because few understand it. So when I used EFT myself I got close but never was able to address the issues that you cover because even I didn’t understand what I was feeling.

I have the manuals but I prefer to watch you on the video because you are such a comforting presence, I don’t have to feel alone and you have such a beautiful voice.

The first video I tapped along to (“Self-Punishment”) I felt so good- and then suddenly craved a box of See’s candy. I was shocked because I used to have a severe craving for See’s that I had dealt with before and hadn’t eaten in years. However, sitting and tapping through the feelings, the craving went away completely- and I knew I was on the right track. At first, I thought that the “Self-Punishment” video wasn’t about me because my (and probably others’) issues have long been ignored or misidentified – yet it was! I have been punishing myself all of my life through overeating, self-denial, self-sabotage, you name it. Tears came up while I was tapping but they were cleansing because I was, at last, hearing the truth.

I’ve only had three of your videos (“I Never Belong”, “Self-Punishment”, “Not Safe to Heal”) as well as all of the PDF’s. I repeat the “7 Words” all the time and I find them quite comforting to say. I especially like the fact that you’ve included the positive “Choices” in your videos because I need to know where to go next. I find myself ending the session with a smile.

When I used them the first day, I couldn’t believe your words- they felt too foreign even after all of this therapy. However, five days later, I’m nodding my head in agreement as I do my tapping. Interestingly, I have had a much easier time creating healthier boundaries and making healing choices, which is something I wouldn’t have expected. Hearing the truth in a non-combative manner, from someone who finally understands me, is like a balm to my heart, mind and soul.

I know through using EFT for so long that specificity is crucial. Yet, I found myself “dancing” around the issue of narcissism because I had never identified it- and nor had anyone else. I have thousands of pages downloaded from Gary Craig’s [EFT’s founder] original site, not to mention the hundreds of dollars I’ve wasted on EFT practitioners. The “elephant in the living room” was always missing, so while I found some success I was always just “missing the mark”. When I watched your first video, many feelings came up, but mainly recognition. I nodded my head and smiled through the tears as I tapped and thought, “Somebody finally understands me!”. My inner child has longed to hear the words that you use in the videos all of my life and I find repeated listening extremely calming and reassuring.

I know that you had worked hard on the wording because I recognize the various techniques that you use. The “art of delivery” comes in- not with the techniques- but the application of them. Most beginners of EFT get stuck with “What do I say?” and you resolve that here beautifully.

So, thank you and I will be eager to buy more!

This is a long message (sorry). But in one week, I am sleeping so much better. I am eating like a “normie” which I haven’t done since childhood. And I am finally back in my own body. These are true miracles to me- and I haven’t been in therapy in weeks!

What can I say, Danu, but a heartfelt “Thank you”?

Sounded too good to be true – but it’s not!

EFT sounded too good to be true but I have started with Danu’s videos and am already feeling a difference.

Each session seems to bring me closer to my subconscious and has more meaning every time. I do it once a day as I find it quite intense. I’m starting to insert my own words while following the videos. My old unbidden thought patterns, “I have never done anything right, I do not deserve to be happy, I am worthless etc. etc.” are now being countered by other thoughts, “I am a human equal to all humans and have only done my best, I deserve to be happy, I have done good things in my life etc etc.” I am taking better care of myself after about a week or so. I feel that just taking a step towards improving self care is a positive thing.

Maybe after the 30 days Danu says is a must, I’ll be able to alter the tapping more to my specific issues, but for now, the videos are really helping. So much easier than dragging up awful buried memories, painfully dissecting them, coming to terms and moving on! Weeks instead of years. Awesome!

Forum Member ‘Survivor’

“I feel liberated, I feel hopeful, and I feel incredibly grateful.”

Hi, Danu!

I decided to work with a a certified EFT practitioner for the past few months as a supplement to my work with a therapist. I loved how EFT so quickly and effortlessly help me heal from some really ingrained and deeply held limiting beliefs.

Since my therapist had recently pointed out to me that I was taking on a lot of self-help work b/c of a belief that I was somehow flawed, I purchased your tapping script “Born Broken.”I already knew how to tap (and your video was a welcome review) so that night, I pulled out the script and started.

I could not believe how on target this entire script was. You really nailed what it’s like to be a daughter of a mother with NPD. I sobbed the first time I did EFT with this script. It was as if you had read my mind! But I guess, being a DONM yourself, you’re well acquainted with the negative beliefs many of us have.

After two weeks, I noticed a significant difference in me. I no longer felt inherently flawed. At all. When I made a mistake, I didn’t go into my usual pattern of beating myself up. If someone was rude to me, I did not automatically blame myself. Normally, I have to catch these patterns consciously and then do some self-coaching around my limiting thoughts but with your EFT scripts, it’s as if they had been erased from my subconscious. Even my dreams reflected a newfound confidence. I think my posture has even improved!

I have tapped daily with this script for a month as you advise your clients to do. Today, I feel like a brand new person. To walk around my own life without this nagging awful belief that something is wrong with me is…well, it’s beyond words. I feel liberated, I feel hopeful, and I feel incredibly grateful.

Thank you for providing such an outstanding healing resource at such an affordable price. I have already begun referring your EFT scripts to others.

“EFT has totally changed my life”

I was a little nervous of using EFT at first as I really didn’t know what to expect but using the excellent example on the DONM website I rapidly got the hang of it. Within a few weeks my anxiety levels had decreased to a point where I only need to use it occasionally. Now I am confident when meeting and talking with strangers. The EFT has totally changed my life.

Forum Member Megkin

“My Guilt Is Completely Gone”

“I was experiencing the most painful guilt I have ever felt when I recently sent a confrontation letter to my NM (why, I have no idea…most likely her brainwashing). I tried Danu’s EFT video for guilt and it was amazing. I have to admit, I did not have faith that it would help me, but I felt desperate. It took about a week of doing it twice a day and my guilt is COMPLETELY gone. I felt a little better each day, and then it was gone.”

Forum Member Michelle

“The Tapping Has Helped”

Hi Danu,


The tapping has helped! Been doing it for about 5 days. Had a nasty encounter earlier tonight with NM. I did not stress out much, thought of the "Temper Tantrum child. Again Thanks so much!


Deb C. MA, USA

“The Tapping Has Helped”

I was skeptical of tapping (EFT) and chose to try it once. Highly respected psychiatrists are recommending it to their colleagues for a reason. It works. The amazing thing is this -- you can think it's silly and it STILL WORKS. Instantly. I was shocked!  Now I'm only shocked that more people don't know about this healing method. 
I honestly looked at a couple of other resources before I tried it. I found this article interesting because it was written from a skeptic's point of view and I could relate, plus she has credibility as a psychiatrist. That convinced me to try it. It is a silly thing to be doing but it doesn't matter, it worked the first time.  EFT is still not something I would do in a crowded room but my friends have noticed a change. They say, whatever you're doing, keep doing it.
I like the idea that a modern doctor used principles of reflexology from eastern medicine in combination with modern knowledge of brain function to develop EFT. It works, and I'm so glad I learned about it on your site, Danu. Thank you.


"I am so grateful"

I am working as intensely as I can with the set of video-ettes that I bought from you and all I can say is THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. I am amazed at what you have done. Having these to work with is extraordinarily healing. This is the ONLY healing process that
calls me back to it again and again...because it is releasing so much doubt and leaving in its place joy and contentment. This is very deep work and there will be more and more to expunge as the layers of awareness deepen but even with 17 years of therapy I was waiting for the next vehicle and here it is...so grateful...I am so very

Even though EFT is effective, and I have used it under different circumstances, nothing worked as effectively as your scripts.

I think that is because when childhood's foundational structures are so skewed until they are properly aligned, everything else just attaches to the fundamental misalignments.

But your scripts get down to the essential basics.

Plus you have a great presence in the videos. I really like that you show yourself. I feel like I have an ally. Often I am actually shuddering by the time I get to the positive language of self empowering. Because of the fear pouring off of me. And it is nice to have you there for that. You have a strong presence."

Athena, San Francisco CA