Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, also known as Tapping) – which is simply tapping on acupuncture points – is a major tool for quickly and easily healing all the pain of being the Daughter of a Narcissistic Mother.

It literally erases negative emotions and limiting beliefs, more quickly, easily, and gently than you ever thought possible.

Emotional Freedom Technique proved outstanding at doing two things, and doing them quickly and painlessly:

  • Totally removing negative emotions such as fear, anger and so on. Literally, those feelings were gone, to be replaced by peace and calm.
  • Removing mental blocks or limiting beliefs and replacing them with more empowering beliefs. In other words, literally re-programming our subconscious so that it works for us, rather than against us.

These two attributes turned out to have hundreds, if not thousands, of uses. Emotional Freedom Technique quickly became the technique of choice to solve all sorts of problems from phobias to traumas to addictions to overweight to headaches to allergies and many others.

And now Emotional Freedom Technique is used to help daughters of narcissistic mothers change the tapes their mother programmed them with, and recover their authentic selves and create their best lives.

Emotional Freedom Technique really is the cutting-edge of recovery and healing. I use it regularly and recommend it wholeheartedly.

Find out how to do it for yourself, here.


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I believe Emotional Freedom Technique to be fully safe or I would not share it. Having said that, I don’t know you or your level of mental equilibrium so you need to take  full responsibility for your experience of it. Read the full Disclaimer here.