DONM Guidebook To Healing And Thriving

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DONM Guidebook To Healing And Thriving

I offer you my FREE “DONM Guidebook for Healing and Thriving”.

A new chapter of the Guidebook will be sent to you every week for you to build up into your own comprehensive resource.

Each chapter deals with a different aspect of being a DONM, and provides suggestions and solutions to help you heal from your Narcissistic upbringing, and then to absolutely thrive in your life!

Here is the sort of feedback I get all the time about the Guidebook:

This Guidebook covers such topics as these:

  • The Roller-Coaster: You’re In For Quite A Ride
  • Your Beliefs – Who Has The Power Really?
  • The Big Lie You've Been Told All Your Life, and how to free yourself from it and so reclaim your life.
  • Lots Of Small Lies Too: What they were, and how to reject them.
  • Are You A Bird Trapped Behind A Glass Window?
  • Surfing Your Anger - why you need to, and how to do it.
  • Welcome To The Flea Circus: Why you might have narcissistic traits without being narcissistic, and what to do about them.
  • The Joy Of Being Wrong – Yes, Really!
  • Introducing Rule 1: the one rule you need to know and live by, and it’s not anything she told you

And many, many more.

This Guidebook is fully free, and there is no catch about that. I do give information about other resources in it, some of which are paid, but if you get those you will be doing so very deliberately and by choice. There is never any charge for the Guidebook.