“Dear Daughter Of A Narcissistic Mother …”

100 Letters To Help You Recover And Thrive

The book is a collection of the first 100 emails in my Guidebook To Healing And Thriving. You can get them all for free by subscribing to the Guidebook, but it will take you two years to get them all. This way you can have them all together, now, to hold in your hand and refer to whenever you want.


What other DONMs have said:

  • The letters are coming out in a book? That’s great!!!!! I would like to have the letters to read over for meditation. I learn something every time I go back and reread them.”
  • “Your site and your weekly letters have been not only empowering, but incredibly vindicating. I won’t say I couldn’t have done it without them, but they certainly helped conceive my rebirth and encourage it to grow and flourish.”
  • “You put names and words and meaning to [our DONM] experiences, and that is so useful, like a breeze of air in a stuffed room.”
  • “Your letters have been a godsend. I can’t tell you how much they have helped me.”
  • “Once again, your letter arrived with amazing timing, offering a message I needed to hear now, a re-framing that is already changing everything.”
  • “Thanks so much for your notes. Reassuring, helpful, a blessing.”
  • “Thank you for your always-supportive and insightful writings.”
Dear Daughter Of A Narcissistic Mother



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