Becoming Comfortable With Accepting Praise


Downloadable MP4 - image for illustration purposes only.

One issue that those who were emotionally abused can struggle with is becoming comfortable with accepting praise. This can be because we feel we do not deserve to receive or to accept any praise. And we can feel uncomfortable being the centre of attention for various reasons, not least because being the centre of attention often brought trouble upon our head, before.

Because of this, the problem arises that if we're uncomfortable with accepting praise, we are likely to -- completely understandably -- go out of our way to avoid situations which will bring us praise - and that can lead us to self-sabotage our projects, so as not to leave us in a situation where we will 'risk' being praised.

So, I have created this EFT video to help you in becoming comfortable with accepting praise so you can stop sabotaging yourself and your life and your dreams and your successes.

(I apologise that you might hear some street noise in the background of this video; apologies for that. It does not affect the clarity of the audio.)

How long would it take you in counselling to get to this point? How much would that cost you? Hundreds, no doubt. This MP4, which you can use as many times as you need, is only $17.00.

There's also a no-quibble 60 day money-back guarantee so you can try it out completely risk-free before deciding if you'll keep it.

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