Is your mother difficult? Do you feel exhausted, emotionally bruised and confused after every encounter with her? She might be a narcissistic mother, and hence you might be the daughter of a narcississtic mother.

If so, this website is for you. Read on to find out more, and see if this information resonates with you.

Is your mother narcissistic?*

*Best guess anyway. It’s not an official diagnosis but good information.

If you are the daughter of a narcissistic know this:

You are not broken and in need of fixing; rather you are wounded and in need of healing.

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Hi, I’m Danu Morrigan,
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Welcome to this website “Daughters Of Narcissistic Mothers”.

Congratulations for finding your way here. This means that you have already identified that something is/was wrong with the way your mother treated you, and have shown the courage and determination to search for answers. This is HUGE.

It means that you have already taken a big step on the journey of healing from being a daughter of a narcissistic mother.

You may have come here via search terms which did not involve any of the words like ‘daughters of narcissistic mothers’ or ‘narcissistic personality disorder’ or ‘NPD’.In that case, it means that you don’t yet know exactly why your mother is the way she is; you just know that your mother-daughter relationship is very flawed, and no matter how long and hard you try, you just can’t fix it.

This website might well have the answer as to why this is. Your mother might well be narcissistic. I invite you to explore the site to see if that is possible.

This site is NOT about wallowing in the pain and hurt of being a daughter of a narcissistic mother, so do not fear that you’ll be on that path. I say this because you might well have been told that any consideration of your circumstances was wallowing and playing victim.

As you shall see, this is a standard way to try to deflect you. But for now, know that it is none of that. Not at all. (Although it is for sure about acknowledging it after so many years of being invalidated. This site is instead all about identifying the truth whatever that may be, and then moving on, healing, and claiming your own self as the wonderful vibrant woman you really are.

Also, very important to note:

There is a lot of information on this site, and some of it can make for difficult reading. As Gloria Steinem said: “The truth will set you free; but first it will piss you off”.

So I suggest you take your time with this site. Read only as much as you are able for at any time. Give yourself, I suggest, the gift of learning EFT/Tapping (it’ll only take a few minutes to learn) and you can use it to process any strong emotions you’re experiencing as you read this information.  Also, perhaps bookmark this site and then come back to it rather than trying to digest it all at once.

I promise you, if your whispered doubts are right, and you are the daughter of a narcissistic mother, then the other side of this possibly painful journey is greater freedom and peace than you can even imagine. It may take courage to take that journey, but you are stronger than you know, and you are not alone as you travel.

Also, I need to be clear that I have zero qualifications as a counsellor or therapist or similar. This website is borne of my lived experience and extensive reading and learning throughout many years.


This website is divided into four main sections as shared below:

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

All about Narcissistic Personality Disorder .

All About Narcissistic Mothers

How Narcissistic Personality Disorder manifests itself specifically in your mother.

Daughters With Narcissistic Mothers

All about how your mother’s narcissism impacted on you, and still does.

Your Recovery And Healing

Resources to help you recover from this narcissistic upbring and claim your own life.