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EFT/Tapping is superb for erasing so many of the issues daughters of narcissistic mothers have to deal with. There's a whole section on how you can use it for yourself, for free.

However, sometimes it's hard to know what to say when you tap by yourself, for yourself. 

And so, to solve that, I've created videos for you to follow along with.  They're available for you to download for only $9.00 each, or even less with bulk discounts.

Even if you know EFT, it can be worth using videos like these as it can be very challenging to hold the space for yourself so to speak.

I use these videos myself, even though I know EFT inside out, so I can separate me-as-EFT-expert on the one hand and me-as-client on the other. And Nicola Curry of Surrey in the UK wrote to tell me the same thing: "Your videos have been a 'god send' .. I am trained in EFT, but wanted to get into the feelings and not have to think about what to say next."

I invite you to have a browse below to see the sort of issues which can be erased with the power of EFT. The individual videos are first, and then the bundles. You might find it useful to browse even without buying, to get ideas on the sorts of things to tap for. The 'More Information' link for each one gives a good summary of each issue, to be a springboard for you.

There's a 60 day full no-quibble money-back guarantee on all my products so you can check them out and see if they're suitable for you before deciding to keep them.
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You can buy individual videos, or the bundles immediately below, which are even better value and can work better as issues tend to be related.

Non-EFT resources:

"Notes From Your Inner Mother"

Over 200 validating, encouraging, loving notes
More Info Here (inc how to get it free over 2 years)

Guided Meditation To Meet Your Inner Mother

A guided meditation to meet your inner mother,the one who is your own internal wisdom, the who loves you and can help to guide you and support you, and who is only ever a thought away.


p.s. Don't forget all the resources are fully satisfaction guaranteed, with a no-quibble 60-day money back guarantee.

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