Notes From Your Inner Mother

Notes From Your Inner Mother

If your Inner Mother - the one who loves you and supports you - could write to you, what would she say to you? 

She'd say things that are:

  • Loving.
  • Validating.
  • Encouraging.
  • Complimentary.
  • Supportive.
  • Kind.

In short, she'd say all the things our narcissistic mother either never said, or said manipulatively.

We need to hear these things. We deserve to hear them. There's a peace and a joy in hearing them.

There’s so much that was never said to us: from advice to support, to compliments, to validation, to encouragement. All the things we longed to hear, but never did.

Notes Like These:

These notes are what a real loving mother would say. They’re what we need to hear. They’re designed to read as if they’re from our own inner mother, the part of us who is our own wise mother to ourselves. This wisdom and love is accessible to us through our quietness and attention, and these notes are from that place of healing and kindness.

Notes From Your Inner Mother, with over 200 such notes, along with ideas for using them, is available now for instant download. It comes in three formats so it can be read on all devices (e.g. kindle, e-readers, PC) for only $4.99:

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Where it says 'her name', put what you'd like her to sign herself as: Mum, or Mom, or anything you like. (Note: Don't forget, it's your loving inner mother we're talking about, not your narcissistic mother. So probably you won't want to use her name.) And where it says 'Name' put what you'd like her to call you, a nickname or pet name or your real name as you choose.